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City considers new land use policies

The Planning and Zoning Commission is continuing to conduct monthly study sessions on draft General Plan goals, policies, and actions.  At their April 24 meeting, the Commission considered Draft land use policies.     To review the draft policies, click here Draft Land Use Policies

Waterfront Committee Considers General Plan

At its final meeting on April 2, 2014, the Albany Waterfront Committee considered issues related to the Albany General Plan and the future of the Albany waterfront.  Committee members were provided with an overview of the existing General Plan and were informally polled about whether the updated Plan should include a separate “Waterfront Element” articulating …

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Land Use Categories Proposed

At the July 24 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, the Commission considered a new set of land use categories for the Albany General Plan Land Use Map. The categories indicate the types of uses and the densities (or intensities) of development envisioned in different parts of the City. The Commission will continue its discussion of …

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Albany 2035 at the Solano Stroll

This year’s annual Solano Stroll featured a General Plan Exhibit, with information about the Plan and an interactive map display. On a beautiful warm September Sunday, participants were invited to find their homes on a large-size aerial photo of the City and respond to two simple questions. The first question asked participants to indicate what …

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