2015-2023 Housing Element Certified by State


The City has received notice from the State Department of Housing and Community Development that its 2015-2023 Housing Element is fully compliant with State law. The compliance letter was received on February 19, 2015, just two weeks after the City submitted the Element for State review. City staff had worked closely with State reviewers prior to adoption to ensure that all potential State concerns were addressed, and to expedite the review process. The new Housing Element replaces the prior Housing Element, which was adopted in March 2014. It includes a detailed action program demonstrating the City’s capacity to accommodate its fair share of the Bay Area’s housing needs between 2015 and 2023. The Association of Bay Area Governments has determined the City’s share to be 80 very low income units, 53 low income units, 57 moderate income units, and 145 above moderate income units. The adopted Housing Element may be found on the “Documents” tab of this website.