Existing DocumentsNew Documents (Plan Update)CEQA Documents
1992 General Plan Part 2DRAFT GENERAL PLAN ADDENDUM (2/26/16)Response to Comments
Final Environmental Report Part 2_reducedPUBLIC REVIEW DRAFT GENERAL PLAN (11/24/15)Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program
2012 Active transportation PlanFull Document--all chapters (30.6 MB document-slow download)Required CEQA Findings
2012 Albany Hill Creekside Master PlanINDIVIDUAL CHAPTER DOWNLOADS
Capital Improvements ProgramCover-Title-Acknowledgments-Table of Contents
Voices to Vision Final ReportChapter 1: IntroductionDRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT (11/24/15)
2010 Climate Action PlanChapter 2: FrameworkDraft EIR: Entire Document (32.2 MB file. Slow download)
2009 Design Guidelines Chapter 3: Land Use Element
2004 Parks Master PlanChapter 4: Transportation ElementINDIVIDUAL CHAPTER DOWNLOADS
Chapter 5: Housing Element (Summary Only)Cover and Table of Contents
Chapter 6: Parks, Recreation, and Open Space ElementChapter I: Introduction
Chapter 7: Conservation and Sustainability ElementChapter II: Summary
Chapter 8: Environmental Hazards ElementChapter III: Project Description
Chapter 9: Community Services and Facilities ElementChapter IV: Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation (Introductory Text)
Chapter 10: Waterfront ElementSection IV.A: Land Use, Planning Policy, and Agricultural Resources
Chapter 11: ImplementationSection IV.B: Population and Housing
Supplemental AcknowledgmentsSection IV.C: Transportation and Circulation
Supplemental AcknowledgmentsSection IV.D: Air Quality
Section IV.E: Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Compendium of all Policies-July 1, 2015Section IV.F: Noise and Vibration
Compendium of all Policies-June 19, 2015Section IV.G: Geology, Seismicity, and Mineral Resources
Compendium of all Policies, with Tracked Changes-June 19, 2015Section IV.H: Hydrology and Water Quality
Draft Waterfront PoliciesSection IV.I: Hazards and Hazardous Materials
State Certification Letter for 2015-2023 Housing ElementSection IV.J: Biological Resources
Final 2015-2023 Housing Element, adopted Feb 2, 2015Section IV.K: Cultural Resources
Initial Study/Negative Declaration for 2015-2023 Housing ElementSection IV.L: Public Services and Recreation
Dec 2014 2015-2023 Housing Element Adoption DraftSection IV.M: Utilities and Infrastructure
Housing Element Addendum 2 - 12 19 14Section IV.N: Visual Resources
Pre-Certification Letter from HCDChapter V: Alternatives
Housing Element Addendum 1: 11-18-14Chapter VI: Other CEQA Considerations
October 2014 "Working Draft", 2015-2023 Housing Element (Tracked Changes)Chapter VII: Report Preparers
October 2014 "Working Draft", 2015-2023 Housing Element (clean version)Appendix A: Notice of Preparation and Scoping Letters
Community Services and Facilities PoliciesAppendix B: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data
Environmental Hazards PoliciesAppendix C: Noise Modeling Data
Environmental Hazards Policy Audit
Conservation and Sustainability Policies
Conservation Policy Audit
Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Policies
Parks and Recreation Policy Audit
Transportation Policies
Transportation Policy Audit
Draft Land Use Policies
Land Use Policy Audit
Land Use Category Memo (7/24/13)
Albany Housing Element adopted 030314
2007-2014 Housing Element (10/25/13 Draft)