New Waterfront Policies Published for Discussion


On February 20, 2015, the City released “working draft” goals, policies, and actions for the new Waterfront Element of the General Plan. The Waterfront Element is a new section of the Plan, designed to lay out the City’s policies for the lands west of Interstate 80.   The Element provides guidance on the transformation of the publicly owned land in this area to a waterfront park, including trails, conservation areas, and improved recreational facilities. These policies incorporate major recommendations from the Eastshore State Park General Plan, a 2002 document describing a vision for the East Bay shoreline between Oakland and Richmond. The Planning and Zoning Commission held a study session on the Draft policies on March 11, 2015. Comments were received from a number of parties, including Citizens for Eastshore State Park and interested individuals. The policies and actions do not propose any changes for Golden Gate Fields, which is designated for ”Commercial Recreation” by the General Plan. Under Albany’s Measure C, changes to the General Plan Map for this site would require a citywide vote.