Planning and Zoning Commission Holds 20th and final Study Session on General Plan


On June 24, 2015, the Planning and Zoning Commission convened their 20th and final Study Session on the Albany General Plan. The Study Session included a review of a “Compendium of Goals, Policies, and Actions,” including all of the goals, policies, and actions in the Draft General Plan except Housing, which had been reviewed previously. The Commission has been holding study sessions on the General Plan since March 2013. The initial sessions focused on the Housing Element, since that part of the Plan is subject to State deadlines. The last year has included reviews of the other seven elements, including Land Use (April 2014), Transportation (May 2014), Parks and Open Space (June 2014), Conservation and Sustainability (July 2014), Environmental Hazards (November 2014), Community Services and Facilities (December 2014), and Waterfront (March 2015). Prior to the June 24 meeting, the Commission was provided with a “tracked change” version of the policies, showing how the drafts presented at each of these meetings had been edited to incorporate their comments and other public comments.